Elements of mobile apps persuade Professional’s safety The present mobile technology has changed the human’s lives to a great extent. The safety of an organization’s employees is always the first priority. It is important to protect the employees from injuries and health issues. Mostly the employees need to take an aggressive approach to preventing injuries and follow the safety measures to make sure that they are not involved in any risk for an accident. There are many new mobile apps have been founded with the latest safety protocol and requirements. There are many ways where an app can boost workplace safety. Smart Media Innovations offers a free occupational Health and Safety app for both iOS and android devices which provide good views, training videos, safety news and other features. The main advantage of a mobile app is the ability to communicate the most useful information with the end user, at any place and anytime. In the case of an emergency, apps are used to communicate safety messages to the employees with more information or instructions. Many corporate including the IT organizations and the core companies have taken important steps in developing safety procedures within their offices, including safety plans that use safety apps on the employee’s mobile phones as they increasingly identify the importance of workplace safety. On the other side of flip, the employees who work far away from their homes face a lot of increased dangers. Lone workers such as utility workers, realtors, and others, who work out of sight of management or other colleagues, often face a multitude of social risks, such as assault, robbery or worse. Most of the employees who gives more importance to peace, they are never truly alone because they always have their mobile phones on them. The Smartphones offers a huge amount of mobile safety apps. A mobile safety app itself is assigned as a safety device. A safety app falls short at the following criteria. Accessibility: The present generation keeps on digging their cell phones most of the time. If an individual holds a mobile phone in hands, they should lock their phone, and especially using a safety app, he/she has to search to access it among other menu items. All of these tasks may be seen as a tiny one, but in an emergency situation and while searching for a safety app among the many icons available could be the moments which it is too late to receive help. Reliability: Most of the mobile safety apps assure the folks by having them select a friend or family member to contact in the case of an emergency. If this situation happens, then an individual run into the issue of availability. The person whom we are trying to reach may be available, but they are not trained to handle emergency situations. A safety app cannot guarantee the emergency training that is required for many situations. Escalation: The mobile phones in the event of an emergency that is especially troublesome: it can actually escalate a dangerous situation. It can happen in one of the two ways. In a more obvious scenario, an attacker could notice us using a cell phone or safety app as an attempt for help and grow angry. This increases the level of violence. SoloProtect, safety solution: This app was created to overcome the shortcomings of a mobile safety app. This device is not only sensible but it is also easily accessible around the neck attached to a user’s shirt. This makes it easily accessible so that the user can activate an alert with the push of a button without the knowledge of anyone else. With the SoloProtect’s highly trained and certified Emergency dispatch center available 27 hours throughout the year, eliminating many problems associated with using a mobile phone or a mobile safety app. An alert message enters the user’s Smartphone by means of one-way communication call. Things to assure Employee’s Safety: Produce Training Videos: A workplace safety app is loaded with many instructional videos and tutorials which could help the professionals how to perform certain jobs safely and effectively. These tutorials might provide a good training on how to perform safety checks and also to complete various tasks without risking an injury or accident. Give announcement about safety news: Most of the apps provide information about the occupational safety guideline changes, news and other updates related to the industries. These can be easy reads for the fresher who joins the company or just want to do something productive during downtime. Provides basic information about Safety Rules: A workplace safety app has many features like iphone app developers checklists or summaries of safety protocol that an employee could reference when they need tips or advice how to get a job successful. It also includes information about the agreement and state-specific industry rules that fresher new to the company may not know. The apps are very helpful to improve workplace safety since they serve as a learning tool to educate the employees so they can perform their jobs effectively. The employees can use the app as a part of their training program. The employees can also use the apps during the workday so they can reduce the risk of accidents. Automated Messages: Since mobile messages are handy, the automated calls and text messages are more effective than ever. In most of the companies, the employees have registered their phone numbers and they would receive the text updates for severe weather or other potentially dangerous situations. A similar methodology is followed in the universities also. Location Tracking: The mobile technology has made it easier to track the employees in an efficient manner. It is useful in everyday business to track shipments and deliveries; it has the capacity to be lifesaving in case of emergency or in the event of a disaster. In the place of a construction site, the employees who carry mobile devices with tracking can be found quicker and easier because their last known location is easily identified. Collecting Occupational Illness Details: The companies find difficult to collect the information about the illness, particularly to track the dangerous aspects of the workplace affect their employees. A technology which is known as the wearable technology is making that easier. Employees can have that mobile device and track the vital conditions. The data contribute creating a safer workplace. To halt the fatigue-related accidents: Mobile technology can make the workplace safer by monitoring employee’s hours and activity. A device named SmartCap that can monitor the brainwaves. This device analyzes brain activity and alerts wearers who may be at risk of falling asleep on the job. There are many other ways mobile technology can prevent fatigue-related accidents. Real-Time Communication: Mobile technology allows the professionals to stay in contact with each other and with their higher officials. The employees can ask questions, access training information, and report any incidents immediately. A step further, they can communicate with each other directly. Around seventy-four ios app developers percent of the employees reporting they would become safety-related feedback from their associates, providing an easy way for everyone to be in a safer workplace. Whether it is a big enterprise or medium or smaller one, mobile technology has the ability to reduce health risks in the workplace and make every job a safer one.